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a graphic design and product photography studio based in the hinterland of Byron Bay

GEEBEE DESIGN helps your customers fall in love with your products.

Because we’re the one-stop shop for graphic design and product photography, we take care of everything for you – planning, photography, design and production. It’s like your whole design department comes to you, how cost-effective is that?

Based in Byron Bay (Australia), GEEBEE DESIGN just loves working around the globe with other like-minded, brand-savvy creatives and designers. We’re fluent in German and English so that makes things a lot easier. You create objects – kitchen tools, jewellery, writing instruments, home wares etc. – we create good design to make them really standout.

Ah… and we love creating brochures, business cards, logos, ads, Facebook sliders and websites as well.


Gaby Borgardts - Graphic designer and Product Photographer Byron Bay

Merge together a German approach with fresh Byron Bay creative flourish.

Mix it with over 25 years of experience working in graphic design, art direction, print production in highly sort-after German advertising agencies, and you get Gaby Borgardts. She’s a passionate designer and product photographer, a white space lover who has an allergy for design clutter and unnecessary flourishes. Less is more is her motto, but if cluttered is needed she also does that with style.

Top this with a calm personality, you get a designer that not only gets first off what clients need (and takes care of the whole process) – but she’s ridiculously nice to work with.


About the best way to showcase your products in their Sunday best. Everything else will just fall into place…

I need a catalogue to showcase my products, where’s the best place to start?

The best place to start with a catalogue design is to contact us. We listen and get a lot of information from you about your design and marketing needs, the purpose of the catalogue, time frame etc. We then get back to you with a quote.

How much time does a catalogue take to design?

This of course depends on the size of the catalogue and if you need photography as well…

If we have all content (copy as Word documents / tables as Excel documents / Images with 300dpi / logos preferably as Illustrator file or EPS) and after we have discussed all the details, we will provide some layout variations within 3-4 working days.

After we agreed on the layout we will provide a print PDF within 2-3 working days.
Each additional 4-page within the same project takes 1-2 more working days.

For a 100 page catalogue expect the final print version after 4 weeks. When we work with you on a project we love to stay in contact with you to discuss any details within the process.

If the process goes smoothly we might be even quicker.

For additional photography we will need a brief and will discuss with you to know how long it will take.

Rest assured that we work as quickly as possible with a professional and high standard outcome.

What do I have to provide to ensure a smooth working progress?

We will need an order of the content of each page as a word document, tables as Excel documents, high resolution images with 300dpi and logos preferably as Illustrator file or EPS to deliver a professional high standard catalogue ready for printing. We will also deliver the catalogue as a Web PDF.

Do you design both print and online catalogues?

Yes we design both print and online catalogues. When a catalogue is created for online or print usage, the design principles and foundations are the same. Our online catalogues look as good as our print ones.

How does your design process work?

We present 2 or 3 designs for a title and the index and one spread of the catalogue (to show the look, the feel and concept of a catalogue). The rest will be designed on the basis of the client’s choice.

Can you help me with brochures, packaging, ads etc. ?

Many of our clients ask us to create brochures, packaging and more after we have designed their catalogue for them. It’s a very efficient and cost effective process because we have the brief, style guides, templates and images already and it’s easy to create other marketing materials. We can do this very quickly.

I don’t have images for my products, what’s the best way to get these?

We are product photohraphy specialists. So we can easily arrange a photo-shoot for you. We can either take the photos ourselves or work with your photographer to ensure that you get the best possible images for your products. When it’s appropriate, we also purchase quality, cost-effective stock images from image libraries.

I need a website as well. Do you design websites?

Yes, we design websites. We create clean, uncluttered, user-friendly WordPress websites.
We love to work with a client on all of their marketing design needs – from catalogues to brochures to websites.

Do you provide any copywriting services?

We need our clients to provide all the content and copy before we start designing. That said, if you need quality copy and can’t provide it, we have wonderful associates who we recommend to help you get the best copy possible. We closely collaborate and work as a team so the editing and fine-tuning is seamless and we don’t bother you with unnecessary details.

I notice you’re in Byron Bay, how can I work with you?

That’s easy. We work with clients all over the world and communicate in English or German via skype, email and phone. We can be very flexible with timing to meet time zone requirements.

For product photography just post your items. You will receive them back well packed and safe after we have finished the job.

I’m not in Australia, how do I pay you?

Paypal is the best way if you have an account. As we love to keep in personal contact with clients anyway via email, skype or phone we will find a way if you don’t have a Paypal account.

I am just starting out and don’t have much budget, can you help me?

We understand that businesses have many demands on their budgets and sometimes budgets can be limited. Our prices are very competitive and our services are cost-effective. Investing in quality design brings good returns, generates sales and builds business.